Link Building is for Humans, Not for Spiders

Link BuildingThere’s more to link building than just establishing connections online — it’s also about connecting humans.

Since the humble beginnings of SEO, people like linking strategist Eric Ward built links before the existence of search engines. Ward and other pioneers didn’t build links for search crawlers — everything was for site owners and readers.

Today, people depend on the Internet for more information and links are necessary to deliver what they need. While search engines can analyze links to a degree, these links are always for people. After all, the best links are products of human endeavor.

Beyond Online Manipulation

According to the team at Coforge Marketing, link building is not about manipulation anymore. Since Google detects manipulation and spammy links better, there’s no need to worry about auto-generating spam and questionable links.

The Penguin Algorithm and Google’s continued efforts result in better link building. As the search engine improves its devaluing capabilities, the industry is now slowly returning its focus to human value and interaction.

The Need for Human Touch

One of the best ways to acquire real links is by establishing real human connections. This means manually reaching out to users and site owners.

If a site allows you to put links without any personal engagement, don’t bother. It’s important to find a real person in charge of your target sites. Otherwise, the site is most likely abandoned and meant for web crawlers.

Without an authentic connection, there’s no such thing as worthwhile links. If links directed to your site won’t benefit anyone, don’t get it.

For People, Not Spiders

Links were already useful long before the existence of Google. It helped people search the Internet for information. Without these, Google becomes nothing but a messy web of functions that users can’t understand. If you’re planning to earn links, always consider a human-first approach and think about how you can help your audience find your site.

As a link builder, it’s your responsibility to promote resources to the right sites. Once you do, you give your users a better experience.

Links were made by humans for humans, not for crawlers. Remember this mantra and always prioritize offering a genuine personal experience.