Marketing Your Small or New Business: Digital and Traditional Ways

Marketing in BrisbaneEvery business could use a little marketing—some businesses, especially small ones or new ones, could use a lot. Without marketing, your company might as well be closing shop right now. Give it a fighting chance by using both traditional and online marketing tactics.

Business Cards

Have your business cards designed by the best Brisbane marketing agencies, and always have a few on you wherever you go. These are easy to distribute and they make your business look stable and serious about what you offer. Leave a card at the restaurant when you pay; tack one on a bulletin board in public; give it to anyone you meet and talk to; leave one or two in a fish bowl at a shop that’s holding a raffle.

Volunteer or Donate

Volunteer as a speaker at your high school or some event where people need your expertise. It’s a chance to meet prospective customers and to spread the word about your business.

When you’re a guest speaker, your image gets some extra points. In the same manner, you can donate some of your products to causes, or donate some items with your logo printed on them. Even volunteering at community events goes a long way. Volunteer your services and the services of your staff at the local produce garden.

Build a Website

Your website will let people know more about you. You can’t ignore the power of the Internet especially now that it’s gone mobile. If your business is the type that people will search for on Google, you can’t afford to not have an online presence. Be active on social media, as well. Take pictures and videos of everything you do at your company, and post them on Instagram and YouTube. People like to know what the people behind their favourite brands are doing.

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These are just a handful of things you can do for your marketing. Learn more as you grow as a business, and your efforts will bear fruit eventually.