Mitigate Your Business Risks: Ensure You Have No Fugitives From Justice

Investigating your ApplicantsThe process of hiring someone to help you in your business can be very tricky. You have actually no clue as to his personality or credentials, except those that he told you during the interview.

Running your own business operations is a rewarding endeavor particularly if the goods or services you offer are considered the high value and marketable. Since you enjoy brisk sales, it is only proper that you protect your business’ reputation. One way to do that is to make sure that there are no fugitives from justice that are currently employed by your business. But how do you find out?

Slipping Through the Dragnet

While it is normal to interview clients who have had some conflicts with the law in the past, an applicant who has a pending arrest warrant is a different case. While you may plead innocence at having no knowledge about the crime of your employee, authorities can still slap you with the charge of aiding and abetting criminals. Remember that under Section 148 of the Criminal Code of Western Australia, it is punishable by law to aid a fugitive from justice through employment. Yes, you may be able to prove your innocence but the damage it can do to your business operations may be catastrophic.

Thorough Interview

If you or your personnel manager is very adept at drawing out people from their shell, you will always be able to find out if an applicant is a fugitive. There are triggers to suspect that a person may be a fugitive from justice. Evading questions and changing topics abruptly is one, inconsistent answers is another. Furthermore, moving from one place to another for more than 12 times in a year can mean that the applicant does not like to stay long in one area. That alone should be enough to sound alarm bells in your head.

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Background Check

The days of hiring private investigators are drawing to a close. Today, all you need to do is apply for a criminal record check online with the help of Fast Police Checks and you will have instant access to a huge database of information. When you have complied with all necessary requisites, it is only then you can start. You can look up the applicant’s name or even reverse search his image on the system. You will also be able to see past convictions, charges, and many more.


This is very important as you can establish a paper trail of where the applicant has been, what the applicant’s work before was, and many other crucial data. An incomplete document, however, must not be taken as a sign of guilt. There might be valid reasons behind why the applicant is unable to submit complete documents. You can derive this information in the course of the interview.

While it may seem an intrusion to privacy for some, it actually is not. This is why there are some requirements to comply first before you can begin your search. Besides, you are only trying to protect the reputation of your business, as well as your safety and of your other employees.