New SEO Strategies to Incorporate for Your Business

SEO Strategies in Australia People are using the Internet more than ever to get what they’re looking for. No matter what business you own or what part of the world you’re catering to, you need a strong online presence to attract your target customers. One way to do this effectively is to always adapt your strategies to the current trends in SEO. To get you started, here are three trends to start 2016 with.

Site-Wide SEO

Sharing your newly published content on your social media accounts and making sure it is written well and has high SEO value is important. However, some business owners forget that the SEO for your entire site is just as important. This year, try to refocus your SEO on site-wide web elements to rank organically in search results. This way, you won’t rely on new content for all your lead generation.

In-depth Keyword Research

While Google AdWords is still a reliable and effective tool to look for the best long tail, partial match keyword phrases to use for your pages, you need to look even deeper this 2016. Google will still use keyword terms to give search results to its users, but they’ll also look into the intent of each user. Hire an SEO company in Brisbane to help you with this.

Comprehensive Long Form Content

In 2014, the average preferred word count for content is 902 words. In 2015, it increased to 1,285 words. This trend is continuing to go up, meaning you have to deliver content that discusses topics more comprehensively and in-depth. Go under the surface and explore topics more visibly. Make sure the headline and first paragraph will catch the attention of users, and then satisfy them with even more information. According to Bambrick Media, qquality photos or video make for great digital engagement & interaction. So include these on your site or blog as well.

Keep these tips in mind to start your 2016 right. This way, you can earn more profit using SEO and other online marketing strategies.