Not for the Newb-Hearted: The Most Gnarly Tricks Ever Done

SkateboardingSkateboarding has always been associated with the word “danger.” Most parents forbid their kids to ride boards because of the extreme tricks that may lead to broken bones. It’s not a surprise because when they do see skaters, they see them roll on a small plank of wood at fast speeds without any protection. The skaters would even build their own skate parks from OC Ramps.

However, if you do skate, you would understand that everything is just an easy routine. You must know what safety precautions to exercise and where it is safe to skate. Nevertheless, many people get tired of the routine tricks and would go out of their way to try dangerous tricks. Throughout the years, people have done crazy and unsafe tricks that continue to live on.

Ollie Into Traffic by Ricky Oyola (1995)

Your parents always warned you about being careful when crossing the streets. It seems that Ricky did not take this piece of advice to heart when he did an ollie onto incoming traffic. Many skaters have tried doing this trick, but they always have a friend to tell them if the street is clear. Ricky did not need a friend to back him up, as he gracefully flowed through traffic without even taking a glance at it.

China Banks Globe Ollie by Joe Valdez (1996)

If you’re a skater, you probably know who Joe Valdez is. He was legendary in the 90s when he travelled to San Francisco to make a name for himself. He risked his life when he rode along a slim ledge 34 feet above the ground. He ollied across a gap and landed onto another slim ledge, which took place on the rooftop of the notorious China Banks.

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The gnarly tricks might have glued the pros in history, but it’s not something you should do if you still want to live. Exercise necessary precautions, even if the pros say otherwise. Your life is more important than a few minutes of fame.