Often-Ignored Factors That are Critical to Business Success

Cleaning services employees ready to workSome factors, like employees’ high-level performance, are critical to business success. The high-performing sales manager and his or her team, the prolific designer or writer, the customer service specialist who never fails to impress – they are all obvious factors in keeping a company running and making a profit.

But what about the processes and factors that hardly get noticed? These may not be the superstars that receive awards at the end of the year, or the matters that take first place on any list of priorities, but they are important nonetheless. Here are some of them:


Nobody really pays much attention to the people who come in after hours to keep the office or store floor tidy. But if they fail to come in for a few days, everyone is bound to know. Janitorial service is important for keeping a business’s premises clean and sanitized, for the safety and health of the employees and customers who go there.

Human resources

People know HR and go to HR for various reasons—when they are applying for a job, when they have questions regarding their rights as employees, when they need something that has to do with benefits, etc. But as HR is not an income-generating department, it may not figure as something as important as those departments that do make money.

HR work is important, for it is through HR that most of the critical workers pass through before they get the job; it is also the department responsible for keeping employees informed and happy. Today you can even outsource your HR needs.

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Warehouse management

What people see on the store floor are neatly stacked individual products and the salespeople who attend to their buying needs or inquiries. People don’t notice as much the challenging job of re-stacking those shelves and making sure supplies are always enough.

That is the job of the warehouse manager. Without warehousing, it would be difficult for retail businesses to run without encountering shortage problems and the like.

There are many other processes, departments, and factors that ensure businesses run fluidly. You may not always notice them, but you cannot completely ignore them. If they are not working right, your business is not likely to last very long.