Paper Products That You Can Recycle

boxes of envelopesLast June, major UK supermarket Morrison’s declared that it would use recyclable paper bags instead of plastic ones. This move reflects the urgency and importance of using environment-friendly products. Paper is one such product, as it finds many uses in academic, professional, and commercial settings.

To reduce wastes in residential and public spaces that use a lot of paper, recycling companies, such as LKM Recycling, collect and process old or used paper to create new products. Here are some recyclable paper products found at home, in the office, or outdoors.

Parcels and Envelopes

Parcels and envelopes are mostly used in office settings. These products are used in sending messages, storing documents, and the like. In the household, these might be left littered in a storage area, such as the basement or attic. A homeowner may collect these and send them to a recycling facility.

Posters and Flyers

These advertising materials are printed with text or colours and are made in batches since they need to be handed out to many people. Posters, on the other hand, are nailed or attached to walls, trees, or lampposts. One might see posters and flyers on the streets after being used. These are also eligible for recycling.

Grocery Bags

Supermarkets, including Morrison’s, use paper bags to pack grocery items. Ideally, paper bags are designed to be resistant to wetness caused by frozen goods, as well as the weight of the goods. Like the parcels and posters, paper bags can be recycled.

Paper products are indispensable to society today because of their many uses and benefits. Because they are recyclable, they contribute to reduce waste and keep spaces cleaner. That is why paper recyclers are available for individuals who can hand over their old or unused pieces of paper.

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