Peeling the Onion: Layers of the Restaurant Business

AccountingIn Australia, whether it is in Auckland, Sydney or Perth, restaurants will never go out of business. This is because of the need for good food. Restaurant businesses have always been highly competitive. If you are looking to start yourself in the food and service business, it may be daunting at first, especially if you are a first-time restaurateur. As complicated as it may look from a distance, you can break it down to three layers like an onion. From the outward to the innermost:

Outward – Marketing, Theme and Appearance

A restaurant is a place to eat and a place to be comfortable. The exterior of any restaurant business is its image and how it projects itself to customers is important. The image and design of the restaurant gives it an identity. This layer includes the internal design and atmosphere of the restaurant. Second is its image in the market — how it promotes itself to the customer base, from social media content to TV commercials. Here you will want to hire marketers who can promote your business effectively and interior designers for the modelling of your restaurant.

Middle – Food and Service

Going deeper past the outer façade is the heart and meat (no pun intended) of the restaurant business. That is, serving food and drinks to its customers. Accounting North Ltd noted that this layer is where all the actual operations go, from sourcing food, storing, cooking and serving them to customers. These include managing the needs of the customers themselves. The key players you need when operating at this level are the line cooks, chefs, waiters and front of house servers.

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Innermost – Accounting and Logistics

Further deep into the layers is the skeletal frame of the business — what goes behind the curtains. After all, a restaurant is what it is — a business — at the end of the day. The innermost layer deals with the most fundamental elements of business transactions, such as paying the employees, paying the dues and keeping the ledgers straight. To make sure that this critical layer does not fail, you might want to hire restaurant consultants to keep your business competitive, as well as accountants to make sure you are not bleeding money.

Now that you have been given a good perspective of the restaurant business, you can then start planning opening your dream diner.