Philippines and Its Friendly People: English that’s Tough to Beat

Customer ServiceTalking to a stranger over the phone can be the most nerve-wracking experience anybody can go through. Yet, thousands of Filipino workers have demonstrated time and again true excellence in call handling: entertaining the toughest of customers the world over in the late into the night. Many may not believe it, but it is just Filipino hospitality at its finest hour.

Customer Service Challenges

Even with the fervent advancement of technology, phone calls still play a huge part in customer service. Though rather crude, a phone call does not have the viral prowess of a tweet or that of a YouTube video. Still, talking over the phone is the fastest way to resolve a problem for most.

It is also the fastest way to make your day as infuriating as hell.

Americans who have sat down in front of a computer attending to a barrage of calls in a call center can attest: Resolving technical issues from all sorts of irrational and angry customers can be emotionally draining. Not only are the customers wanting resolution in a jiffy, their tempers may have reached stratospheric levels before you even picked up the phone.

Factor statistics and the amount of time you need to resolve a call, and it is easy to see how the phone can begin to take the form of a “nightmare.”

Hospitality Nation

Amazingly, these challenges seem to be tailor-cut for the Filipino culture. Known the world over for their positive outlook in life, Filipinos and their hospitality fit the global outsourcing market to a T.

In just a span of a decade, call centers in the Philippines sprouted like mushrooms after the rain — housing nearly 1 million call center agents servicing the world. Because of this, the country almost the size of California has emerged as the new “Call Center Capital” of the world.

Certainly, it is Filipino warmth at its finest. Add their polished English-speaking skills, and you have call handling that’s tough to beat.

With many U.S. firms outsourcing from the Philippines, you can rest easy quality technical support is just a phone call away.