Pointers for a Great Camping Experience at Uluru

Camping Trip in UluruMany have dreamed of going camping at the Ayers Rock of Australia. However, one cannot camp directly within the park grounds of Uluru. Good thing there are other places to camp. Here are a few things you have to remember if you are a camping newbie.

Don’t Go Alone – For first timers, you should contact a guide that can assist you in your camping and exploration of Uluru. There are quite a number of tour companies that offer two or three-day tours. And just so you can truly enjoy your adventure, bring friends and family along for a group package which can make your Uluru experience more affordable and fun.

Research Beforehand – Check on Australia’s past, people, culture and language so you can be prepared for your visit. You can also ask other tourists and backpackers who have gone to Ayers Rock through online forum sites. They can give advice on camping, and nothing beats the advice from veterans and those who have experienced the place first hand.

Purchase or Rent Camping Necessities – If you come from another country, it’s best that you buy your camping equipment in Australia. If the resort or camping grounds offer camping equipment for rent, even better. However, it would do you good to buy your first aid kit, a sturdy and weatherproof backpack, a jacket that fits the season and comfortable hiking boots. Don’t forget to bring your camera and phones along with their chargers just so you have a way to record those memorable sceneries.

Make early reservations, particularly for the peak season. It will make things easier for you and your companions to have everything in place before you even start packing. Don’t forget that this is supposed to be a fun trip, so do enjoy your Uluru camping experience.

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