Pointers on Starting and Promoting Your Own Art Workshops

Art Workshop MaterialsFeeling confident enough to start offering your own workshops to beginner artists? Do you now have enough art pieces to promote your skills as an art teacher? If you believe you have what it takes but don’t know how to start, here are a few practical pointers.

Create an Online Profile

Make use of the nearly limitless options online and create a Facebook or YouTube persona for your workshop promotions and sales. You can quickly put them up, are relatively easy to maintain, and completely customisable. Just pick a name that’s catchy and easy to remember and spend time editing your online shop with good pictures, videos, and pricing. Also, create regular content at least once a week and always check for interested participants and buyers that leave messages.

Give Freebies and Discounts

Giving freebies means adding something special to your orders like free personalised greeting cards or previews of your future work. Offer a price reduction for workshops with five or more people. Or better yet, give freebies during your workshops. Talk to Australian companies that do booklet printing and have a selected batch of your works reproduced as promotional giveaways.


When you work with different people, you are opening your doors to different approaches, methods and teaching backgrounds. That said; find friends, family, and colleagues who are willing to learn from you and would be willing to receive your support for their own artistic endeavours as well.


Lucrative and challenging, getting commissioned to a specific piece of custom artwork can be a stepping stone for your career. Research on how amateur and professional artists price their projects so you can roughly gauge the amount you can put on the kind of work you are requested to complete.

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Once everything is set, it’s all a matter honing your craft, promoting your workshops and connecting with interested parties. It might not be immediately profitable since you’re still building up a name for yourself but just keep trying. Success is not far when one practices persistence and dedication.