Pointers When Hiring an Event Production Company

Event Production Company CameramanWorking with a qualified event production company will help make your event successful. However, choosing the right one may be easier said than done, as event production agencies are popping up everywhere.

With today’s technology, it’s so easy to create a professional-looking website regardless if they are actually qualified to do the job or not. To avoid being conned, here are some of the things you need to consider when hiring an event production company:

Knowledge and Experience

Everyone wants to be an event planner these days. After successfully organizing a school event or wedding, they are ready to set up a website and start calling themselves event managers. To avoid pitfalls, be sure to ask for the previous projects they’ve worked on.


Other than their overall experience and qualification in the field, you should check their reputation. Some companies can show plenty of certifications but when it’s time for the event, they lack professionalism. A simple Google search can give you an idea about their reputation, but don’t stop there. Online recommendations are great and all but these could be manipulated. Take the time to talk or correspond with the people they’ve worked with before.

Relevant Expertise

Looking at the event production company’s general experience is important, but you also need to check where their expertise lies. It’s highly unusual for a company to be experienced in all types of events. For example, a certain production company may have a sterling track record when it comes to delivering wedding events, but they may not be experienced enough when it comes to corporate events.

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When looking for an event production company, don’t let their slick-looking website and fancy sales speak blind you from what you really need. Ask for samples of their work, such as their past projects and find out how satisfied their clients were after the event.