Pre-Tenancy Hygiene Items Never to Ignore to Save You Money

Modern KitchenA good scrubbing and even a new coat of paint may be necessary to attract the next tenant for your rental property. However, some hygiene issues when not properly dealt with may end up costing you money down the road.

Here are some hygiene issues you should never ignore to avoid additional maintenance costs for your rental property.

Pest Control

It’s not enough to merely kill and clean out visible pests in the property. A landlord must fully exterminate and eradicate the whole colony or population both visible and invisible. It’s the landlord’s responsibility to provide a safe and livable space for future tenants. Failure to do so may cause a tenant to leave and a loss of rental income.

Hire professional pest control specialists and keep documents related to the completion of their services. This will save you money when pests reemerge due to a tenant’s lack of cleanliness habits since you will be able to prove that you’ve done your part and thus the additional pest control expense must be on their account.

Do not stop at the visible. Make sure to conduct bed bug heat extermination as well since your rental property may be harboring these blood sucking critters. Some states have bed bug control regulations so be sure to check first to be informed on how to handle the extermination.

Toxic Mold and All Other Forms of Mold

Mold is not only unsightly but can wreak havoc on your health from minor allergies to autoimmune issues. Not all forms of mold are toxic but it’s difficult to test which ones are and which ones aren’t so it’s best to just deal with all forms of mold lurking around your property lest you lose a tenant and your rental income.

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Mold often accompanies moisture damage or any damp spaces with poor ventilation. Address all leaks around the property especially in hard to reach spaces to prevent mold damages from reoccurring.

Replace Air Filters

Lastly, replace all air filters in your HVAC system. Consider a furnace tune up and a professional duct cleaning service as well. Taking this step makes sure your efforts of hiring a pest control professional and mold cleaning service will last as you eliminate lingering spores or critters that they have missed and lurking in your property. This will keep your tenant in your property and your rental income intact and avoid additional pest control and cleaning service expenses.

By not neglecting these key hygiene issues, you can avoid a loss of tenant and rental income or incur additional rush job expenses to rectify these concerns after tenants have already moved in.