Press Releases: Are They Dead and No Longer Useful in SEO?

PR Distribution StrategyContrary to popular belief, press releases are still alive and just as important to SEO — both local and general — as it used to. Even with all the additions and innovations in media, PR still creates many opportunities for businesses to get the publicity they need to reach their audience.

PRs: Their Roles in Generating Links, Branding and Traffic

Press releases play an important role in your SEO efforts. Even the free ones can help improve your ranking in terms of local searches.

With a well-written PR, you can boost the visibility of your company, which is even more important for start-ups and smaller businesses. It will help you generate more links, make your brand well-remembered, and drive more traffic to your site.

With the help of an experienced Denver SEO company, you can create an effective long-term PR distribution strategy. This can help consumers know your brand, what products or services you offer, and why they would want to pay you for these offerings.

The Truth: All Businesses Can Still Benefit from PR Distribution

No matter what your business is involved in, it will benefit from PR distribution. As long as you have relevant information to share your target market, PR helps you get the coverage you need.

Remember: SEO is everywhere — in online magazines, podcasts, trade journals, blog sites, or other forms of publications — and many of these are local. This means that you can reach your Denver target market through distributing useful information through these releases.

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The Indirect Benefits of Using PRs for Local and General SEO

Press releases also bring many other indirect benefits that help maximize the results you get from local and general SEO strategies. With PRs, you can enjoy an increase in inbound link opportunities. Local media will take notice of you and even write about you, so more Denver residents will know of your brand. In turn, this will increase your overall visibility, and of course, your profit.

The key here is to make sure that your press release offers something relevant and is worthy of making the news, especially the headlines. SEO experts can help you make certain of this, so it’s best to know who to hire.