Pretzels and The New Era of Food Halls in Today’s Food Landscape

A woman eating at a food courtFood courts, now affectionately referred to as food halls, recently became a landmark of foodie culture in America. This started in 2010 when a decrepit basement at the Plaza Hotel in New York City became a food hall and reinvented the food service scene.

The new era of food halls presents the perfect way for you to enter a business. Serving pretzels is a good start, but concerns like how to start a pretzel business and other considerations arise.

Pretzels and Business

You might ask yourself if serving pretzels over other types of food is a good idea. It is because pretzels have their place in today’s food landscape. In fact, pretzels are so popular that over $550 million worth of products are sold in the United States every year. And because they sell so well, opportunities abound for you to open your own pretzel business.

While there are numerous ways to offer pretzels to your customers, a pretzel franchise may be the best way to do it. You can spend less money doing so, and you can avoid the big risks associated with building your own company.

In addition, it’s easy to start a pretzel business through franchising. You apply for a franchise offering, meet a representative, and sign a Franchise Agreement. Then, you’re ready to open your pretzel store.

There’s also the added benefit of brand recognition with a franchise. Of course, if you’re associated with a well-known brand, their reputation is yours as well.

The Perfect Location

When finding the perfect place for your pretzel franchise, look no further than food halls. These locations are the best option strategically, and they are constantly on the rise.

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In fact, food halls in the US grew by more than 37% in 2016 and industry insight says that this number could double come 2019. Essentially, setting up shop in a food hall means good business. Also, popular pretzel franchisers offer site estimation that allows you to open a pretzel store in any food hall.

The food hall is now the definitive spot for America’s love of food. It is the place for food, and by association, the place to set up your pretzel business. Of course, you can opt to set up shop elsewhere like a mall or even an airport, but food halls provide the appeal of a restaurant (where meals are prepared fresh) with none of the maintenance cost.