Promotional USB: A Popular Giveaway

Black USBA beneficial below-the-line advertising strategy is the use of promotional giveaways to identify either the company in general or specific to a particular product or service brand.

Whether given away as part of a “purchase required” consumer promotion or as a holiday giveaway, this type of advertising is effective in building “sniper” awareness; i.e., the recipient himself becomes aware of the product or service under that particular brand primarily.

A trendy promotional item is the portable memory storage device (sometimes called the flash drive) that plugs into the USB port of any computer. Promotional USBs is quite popular for the following reasons.

Practical Cost. USBs are quite cheap to buy despite their popularity. Technological advances and production economies of scale make even the larger storage devices cheap over time.

High Utility. Unless you have been living under a rock for years, you will inevitably have to interact with a computer and will need to store data somehow. The USB allows you to store data at a personal level so having one in your person, especially given its small size, makes it quite a useful gadget to have.

High Pass-On Value. One characteristic of a good advertising medium is its pass on value; i.e., the probability that the medium is passed on to another person other than the primary recipient to extend its awareness reach.

Flexibility in Design. The beauty of the USB is that, for as long as the memory storage circuitry is intact, the casing design can be as flexible as creativity will allow. This means that USBs can take the form that uniquely identifies the product, service, or company that it is advertising.

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Applicable across a Wide Variety of Businesses. You do not have to be in the technology business to use USBs as a promotional item. You could be a bakeshop, and air conditioning company, a grocery, or even an animal welfare shelter and still find the USB appropriate in the same manner.

Few modern promotional items are as popular as the USB. It rides on its utility as an indispensable personal storage gadget and, therefore, has a place in the pocket, and mind, of the consumer.