Proof of a More Modern Real Estate Industry

Key of a homeIt is hard to imagine an industry not working with technology to improve how companies conduct business. It is certainly not the case in the real estate industry in the Philippines, where real estate agencies, developers, and homebuyers all turn to technology to buy or sell a property.

Here is how technology is helping shape the industry.


If you think it is only appliances and gadgets that are subjects of online reviews, you are wrong. Even houses and developers can be reviewed, as evidenced by the search for Lancaster New City review blogs out there such as those in

These reviews help potential homebuyers decided whether the size of the property is adequate for their family’s needs or if the amenities are perfect for their lifestyle. The reviews also help them see if the location is favorable before they put a down payment on the property.

Virtual Tours

Open houses are still the preferred way to see a property. Nothing beats seeing it in person. You get a first-hand feel of how it will be to live on that property, and your mind starts working on how you will design furniture pieces and appliances.

A virtual tour is a great alternative, however, if you cannot make it to the location at a certain time or day. The virtual tour shows you the rooms in the property and can be the initial review of the property before you decide to go for an actual visit.


There is no better way to sell a property than by showing people how it looks amid its backdrop of lush greens. And with drones, you can capture everything in cinematic fashion. Drones can zoom out of the property to show what surrounds it.

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Clients who will see the uploaded videos will have an idea of the environment, not just the house itself.

The real estate industry is starting to be more modern in the way they buy and sell properties. These are just some of the easily noticeable changes.