Restaurant Concepts to Try in 2018

A restaurant businessWhen people dine out, they’re not only paying for the food. They’re also paying for the service, which is why they expect a lot from restaurants and their staff. These days, however, you can provide more than just food and service even when you technically own a restaurant.

Here are some concepts to try for your newly opened or acquired restaurant:

Food + Retail

Any restaurant for sale in Edmonton can be a good venue for dining if you open them up with the right concept and target the right people. What you can also do is to augment the services you provide, while making the most of the customers that are already inside the establishment.

Anything inside the restaurant can be sold, from furniture to artwork to desserts and sauces. The best part is you can get free advertisements as people post photos of these items on their Instagram accounts.

“No Waiting Line”

Some chefs are starting to veer away from the traditional restaurant setting where people have to wait for a table to free up. In an “open door restaurant” set up, the chef posts the menu available for a certain day, waits for reservations to fill up, and then serves what was promised. The concept is a hit because people can leave any time they want without being conscious of people waiting in line to get their table.

Communal Dining

If you’ve ever felt frustrated about having to wait for a table to free up while there are empty seats in other tables, you’re not alone. This gave rise to the concept of sharing tables, and some noodle shops have already used this to their advantage. Customers are ushered into empty seats in a table shared with others. This, of course, is in more casual and laid-back settings.

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As you traverse the food industry, you’ll want to be updated on the latest trends that your diners are looking for. These are just three to get you started.