Returning to a Flooded Home? Here’s What You Should Do

A flooded neighborhoodWhen floodwater inundates your house without warning, the first thing you must do is to leave everything behind and evacuate your home. Once the flood is over, however, it is crucial to prepare first before revisiting your home. When returning to check on your house after a flood, keep the following things in mind.

Check Your Home’s Exterior

Walk around your house carefully to spot any electrical connections touching the water. On top of searching for electrical wires, get a whiff of the air around you to check for a possible gas leak. If you discover a downed power line or the smell of gas in the air, contact the appropriate utility company to fix the problem.

Make the Necessary Calls

Call your insurance company as soon as possible. Speak with your insurer to find out the extent of your coverage as well as the cause of the flood. Additionally, let the insurance representative know of any repairs that you plan to do in your home.

Besides calling your insurer, get in touch with a reputable water damage restoration company that offers water removal. It’s better to leave this process to professionals, as they have the necessary techniques, state-of-the-art equipment, and experience to do the job correctly and efficiently.

Document the Damage

Fully record the damage to your home by taking pictures or videos. Be sure to do this before performing any work in your house. Removing water or doing repairs before documenting the damage could potentially reduce the extent of your insurance coverage.

Assessing your home’s exterior, calling your insurance provider as well as a water damage restoration company, and recording the extent of the damage are some of the things you should do when returning to a flooded house. If you need to go inside your home to check its condition, wear protective gear like a hard hat, a dust mask, a pair of gloves, and boots.

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