Save Our Environment: Recycle Used Oil Now

Used Oil DisposalThese are the days where almost everything is mechanised, from lawnmowers to cars, and it's mostly a good thing because it means less manual labour, but it comes at a great price. Waste Petroleum Combustion Limited notes that machines use petroleum and if proper used oil disposal or recycling is not done, it can cause major pollution to our already polluted environment.

Why Recycle?

As a car owner who changes motor oil regularly, you need to be aware of how to properly manage your used oil. Recycling used oil from your car, boat or motorcycle can go a long way in saving our environment. 

Here are some reasons why recycling is not an option but a must.

  • Used petroleum is insoluble, and contains heavy metals and toxic chemicals.

  • It does not degrade easily.

  • It easily contaminates waterways which can cause pollution of drinking water sources.

  • It easily adheres to beach sand and bird feathers.

Benefits of Recycling Used Oil

Recycling keeps our environment, like the rivers, streams, lakes and the ocean, clean. Ground water supplies can also be easily contaminated with irresponsibly disposed of oil. 

Here are some more benefits of recycling.

  • Motor oil only gets dirty but is still reusable. It only needs to be refined. 

  • Recycling uses less energy than producing base stock from crude oil.

  • Recycling keeps used oil from streams, rivers, lakes and our drinking water supplies.

  • Recycling saves energy and valuable resources.

Where Can I Use Recycled Motor Oil?

Refined oil can be used in furnaces for heat, power plants, schools and business. It can also be refined into lubricating oil as long as it meets the same API specifications as virgin motor oil. Using refined motor oil is also safe for your car. It can still achieve the same level of performance as virgin oil as long as it has the API Service Symbol 'donut', which identifies its performance level, energy-conserving, and viscosity properties, and the API Certification Mark 'Starburst'.

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Used oil that is not properly disposed of eventually finds its way to landfills, sewers, storm drains, and even backyards. Drinking water is also at risk of contamination. The simple solution to all of these possible problems is just a simple thing. Recycle. Don't wait until there is no going back for our environment. Recycle now.