Scalding Hot Water: A Risk Faulty Hot Water Systems Can Pose

Hot Water System in TaurangaHot water systems are some of the best bringers of convenience and comfort to consumers all over the world. They deliver heated water quickly, with some units storing heated water that people can use and enjoy any time of the day.

But, like almost any kind of household equipment, heaters and their components have a lifespan. Most units can last for up to a decade (or more) with proper use and maintenance. However, it is extremely important to take prompt action once you notice problems with your water heating system, such as instances when the temperature of the water it produces reaches too high a level.

Faulty heaters and risks of scalding

When you fail to hire a professional specialising in repairs of hot water systems, you put yourself and everyone else in your household at risk of scalding water injuries. Water heaters depend on a component called Limit Stop Screw to limit the temperature in the unit’s pressure balancing valve. So when this part of the system fails, the unit may heat the water too much, producing scalding water that can cause accidents and injuries.

Scalding can occur even with just a very slight upward change in temperature

Even just a slight upward change in water temperature can already make the water reach a scalding hot level. And although your hot water heater may have an anti-scald shower valve installed, it will only do its work with the right setting or when correctly adjusted.

In the event that heater itself breaks down, the anti-scald valve may also fail to work properly.

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The correct settings for hot water systems

According to Heating Systems Ltd, if you have someone coming to install new hot water systems in your Tauranga home or you already have existing ones, you need to make certain they have the correct temperature settings. The installer should check that its settings do not exceed 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

Scalding is a health and safety hazard, as it can cause injuries and even fatalities, so make sure your new or existing heater works just fine by working only with licensed professionals.