Self-Initiated Goals: Top Qualities of a Good Freelance Writer

Good Qualities of a Freelance WriterTaking the path of freelance writing is the dream for many, especially Millennials. Apart from having control over your time, you get paid by just producing an article or two — and you’re done for the day!

But, while this personal “venture” appears like it’s the most awesome job in the world, it has some flaws too. For one, if you think doing content writing jobs from home is a good way to pay the bills on time, then you’re wrong. It’s possible, but you need a good amount of discipline. Just like any other online job, freelance writing has no structure of sorts. Everything will come from your ability to generate revenue from scratch — and that’s the killer.

So, if you don’t possess any of the qualities listed below, you might want to consider supplementing your freelance work with a day job.

Direct to the Point Communication Skills

Virtual collaborations are rarely smooth. Taking aside the awkward video conference, the turnaround requirement for some jobs is just too demanding to be true. As a freelance writer, you can take as many writing gigs as you’d like. But, once something unexpected comes up and you can’t fulfil your dues, it’s up to your communication skills to save the day.

A Knack for Self-Motivation

It’s easy to sit on a chair and stare at your computer, laptop, tablet, device or whatnot. But, scouring the entire Internet for job postings can be exhausting. This is especially true if you consider all those freelance sharks that low-balls quality online workers. That’s why you need to have the ability to look past the eventual lags in this industry or you’ll end up lying on the couch and watching Netflix all day.

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A Child’s Curiosity

The topics for online writing generally include plumbing, dentistry, and other mundane stuff you may have not studied before. Unless you’re a journalist working for a particular online media, you won’t see much creative content. So, it’s important to learn about many subjects and be confident enough to write about them.

Yes, everyone can write. A 2-year old can write. But, writing to pay the bills by working from home is an entirely different matter.