Sell the Stuff Lying Around Your House for Quick Cash

Scrap MetalWe’ve all been there. You need extra space or extra cash. You may need both. Luckily, there are ways to de-clutter and earn some money. All you have to do is to know what has value. While you don’t have to go to storage companies and hoarding consultants to know which items have value, it’s good to know what can fetch the best prices.

Quick cash sources

Here’s what you can sell on your own lawn or at special companies that are willing to take your junk or space:

  1. Old clothes and toys

While your kids may be too old or have had enough of their train sets, blocks and books, your neighbours’ kids will love them. Any toy, whether old your new, is a novelty to other kids. Old clothes can always be used for home wear. Set up a garage sale and put up posters and flyers around the neighbourhood.

  1. Old car parts

If your parents or grandparents liked to tinker and left a lot of old car parts and construction materials, you’re in luck. Scrap metal prices in Perth are quite good and you can bring as much as you want. The heavier the car parts, the better.

  1. Egg cells and sperm

Yes. If you’re a guy, you can sell your sperm to a sperm bank. You’ll be screened heavily, though. For women, their eggs are quite a commodity, especially for couples who can’t conceive on their own and need science to help them along.

  1. Advertising space

If you have a car, there are places you can ask like Signrider that brings together local businesses who want cheap advertising space and drivers who want to make some extra cash. You’ll wrap your car in an ad and just drive around normally.

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There are a lot of other ways to earn cash like getting an online part-time job or even selling off your old gold jewellery. These take time, though, and the methods we outlined above are for those who want something immediate.