Singapore’s Marketing Industry to Grow, Boost Employment in 2017

Video ContentTraditional advertising has served Singapore businesses long and well. As competition became steeper, however, conventional marketing found it challenging to keep up with the demands of the market.

Today, businesses turn to marketing solutions agencies like Singtel Media for ads and direct marketing campaigns in digital formats, as they yield more visible results in terms of lead generation and conversion.

Experts predict that digital marketing will be an important job engine in Singapore this year. According to Lynne Roeder, managing director of the recruitment company Hays, digital marketing recruitment will be huge in 2017, after an already successful past year.

2017 an Even Bigger Year for Digital Marketing

Roeder adds the use of social media became a priority for companies, both for new social media players and old companies seeking new ways to engage their online audience alike. Having onboard talents who have a clear grasp of the current trends and best practices can mean the difference between staying ahead of the curve and failing to reach their goals.

Video marketing, for instance, serves as the biggest lead driver for some companies. In Singapore, 48% of people watch video content on their smartphones every day. Professionals see it as an effective advertising tool, as it allows businesses to communicate their message in a way that’s catchy and easy to understand at the same time.

Building a Digital Marketing Career

Roeder says digital marketing is now among the nation’s most dynamic talent markets. With plenty of trends to harness and potential platforms to tap into, it offers more ways to foster customer relationships, ring up sales and drive market sales.

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As the success of digital marketing continues, more people are seeking opportunities within the industry. Good news for job seekers, then: Hays’ Quarterly Report revealed that companies are on the lookout for digital marketing managers, digital marketing operations talents, digital content specialists, and data analysts.

Digital marketing and advertising will consistently evolve, and companies will continue to seek new ways to innovate and improve existing strategies. As new ideas, tools, strategies and platforms continue to take form, digital marketing will likewise continue to become a major source of jobs.