The Crafty Ways Burglars Break Into Your Property

Burglars in Takinini South Two thieves slid a cardboard between a door and its frame, and within seconds gained entry into a home in London. A cardboard, something as innocuous as a piece of stiff paper can help burglars get into your property. Who needs the breaking and entering ingenuity of the ‘Ocean’s Eleven’ crew when all it takes is a cardboard?

Meanwhile in New Zealand

Of course, a cardboard worked in the London home because the house wasn’t designed like a fortress, with multiple barriers for security.
Some properties are so easy to get into, burglars don’t even need a prop. They simply walk in and ‘grab stuff’.

In Takinini South, New Auckland, residents report the need to lock doors when they go to the toilet because they know someone will come in and just take their belongings. Some burglars find an opportunity through unlocked doors, randomly going about homes.

In other cases, burglars find even smaller doors, like what your pets use. In Rotorua, thieves gain entry into homes through catflaps. Now, these are not tiny rather limber burglars. They use the catflaps to unlock doors. For thieves who can’t reach far, but can squeeze into smaller openings, they use the doggie doors.

Don’t Just Lock Doors

You can install impenetrable locks, or a security system to prevent burglaries. You can also reposition catflaps so they aren’t within arm’s reach of locks. But for businesses, burglary prevention is a bit tougher.

Ram raiders can plough through stores to get access and grab valuables. Clearly, a locked door isn’t going to stop a car crashing into an establishment specifically to burgle the place.

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All Steel Security shares that crash cushions or barriers can stop thieves from breaking into your property. The railings can withstand impact so your home or shop stays safe from brazen burglars.

Although some thieves are persistent. So it’s not enough to lock doors, install security systems and even crash barriers.

You can also trim overgrown plants and trees that can serve as cover for burglars. A well-lit exterior also discourages thieves. Ask a friendly neighbour or family member to clear your letterbox, use your driveway at times, and just make your property seem like you are home even when you are away.

Make a security checklist, and follow it so no crafty burglar gets into your property.