The Importance of Taking a Break and How You Can Do It

Woman taking a break from workNo matter how hard you want to work, you need to take a break at some point. Work can be addicting, but exhaustion and fatigue can stunt your productivity and creativity. Isolation can also be counter-productive, so you might want to reconsider spending time alone sometimes.

Krema explains the importance of taking a break from work and shares some ideas on how to do it.

Why Relax?

Taking a break is important because it boosts productivity. You can take include 30-second breaks, 5-minute rests, or 40-minute naps. All of these can increase your alertness, brain function, and overall productivity.

So How Do You Do It?

Deliberately inject periods of rests in your schedule. Based on the Harvard Business Review, not only did they find that breaks increase productivity and creativity, but scheduled ones are key to refresh your mind with new ideas.

Look for a place of solitude and close your eyes. Step away from your desk and computer and find a quiet place to relax. Don’t think about your tasks and close your eyes.

Hangout with your co-workers. According to Forbes, humans are inherently social beings. Having friends at work not only improves creativity and productivity; it also leads to better motivation. The size of the workplace also plays a huge role in how a community is built within the office.

Your Work is Important and So Are You

Never neglect your health. If you do, you may further compromise your work performance and everything else. Find time to leave your computer even just for a while. Develop it into a habit. Learn to interact with the people around you to keep yourself from getting too caught up in the hustle and bustle.

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If you’re an employer, consider getting workplace coffee solutions so that your employees can sit down, get a cup of Joe, and relax. Provide a space where you can unwind in your office and spend time with one another. You never know what type of ideas can pop-up when you take a break.