The Long-Term Damaging Effects of Oil Spills within Its Local Vicinity

Oil Spill CleanupDespite the expansion of other alternative power sources, oil and fossil fuels remain as some of the primary sources of energy on the planet. However, spills and other accidents can cause long-term problems that would be as hard to clean up as the oil spill itself. Here are some of those lasting issues that can affect the local area where such tragedies occurred.

Local Businesses Are Affected – Not only will tourism be suspended temporarily or even halted completely, possible customers will also be discouraged to visit due to the hazard of water contamination. Also, the once wonderful scenery of blue waters and sandy beaches will no longer be the same with oil staining their surfaces. Depending on the spill’s volume and reach, Argyle Commercial notes that it may take more than a few years or decades to clean up the mess which can eventually bankrupt many of the local businesses.

Reduction of Wildlife – Adding to the mortality rate of marine life, there would also be a reduction of future offspring within the next generations. When suitable parents die due to exposure to an oil spill, it would definitely affect the number of conceptions and young which are meant to replace those that perished. Add to that, the widespread contamination of the area will make survivability of both flora and fauna an ordeal, adding to possible casualties.

Incomplete Clean Up – According to experts, present clean-up processes can never really remove 100% of spills and 20% are already a decent amount. The famous Exxon Valdez Alaska spill which happened way back in 1989 still had over 20,000 gallons of oil to deal with even after 20 years had passed. Which is why there are a number of solutions created, such as marine oil spill kits, for immediate support to any possible incident and to minimise possible damages.

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It is essential that oil treatment and transportation processes remain safe and secure. It’s even more important that there are immediate remedies available if any leaks or spills occur. With companies vigilant on both aspects, our world will be better protected from such accidents and man-made disasters.