The Michelin Stars of Singapore: What Does It Take to Earn One?

bowl of noodles in SingaporeOver the years, Singapore and food have become synonymous. Hundreds of tourists visit the city-state to take a bite on its eclectic gourmet fare. But there’s a good reason to browse through a restaurant review in Singapore first.

Some of them are just better or more noteworthy than the others. Take, for example, the Michelin star restaurants.

Shining Bright with Michelin Stars

The history of Michelin stars is captivating. It began in Europe sometime in the 1900s when the Michelin brothers, the same people behind tire manufacturing, decided to make a guidebook on its tire locations.

They, though, wanted to add value by adding eating areas they thought would appeal to their customers. Today, the stars have earned their notoriety.

When a restaurant has it, it must be good to deserve the attention, review, and praise from the highly acclaimed Michelin Guide. Fortunately, Singapore has 39 of these places as of 2018.

How Restaurants Earn a Michelin

Contrary to popular belief, no one knows the actual process of assigning a star. It’s been a secret ever since the release of the first guide. But experience and observation reveal Michelin uses anonymous inspectors.

These individuals said to be passionate about food will take down notes of their dining experience using a couple of categories. These can include product quality, value for money, consistency, and mastery of cooking and flavour. The reviewers then compare them when they’re about to give a star.

The most number of stars a restaurant can receive is three. A one star means the restaurant has good cooking. Food is always high standard. Two stars indicate excellent cuisine while three stars denote the restaurant is worth the trip. Travellers can expect a unique and memorable dining experience there.

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Earning a Michelin is not easy. Of the millions of restaurants around the world, only 2,971 of them have Michelin stars. Among the group, less than 125 have three. When in Singapore, therefore, don’t miss the chance to dine in at least one. You don’t get to have that chance all the time.