The Psychology Behind Product Labels That Entice

Product LabelsProducts have different labels with each proclaiming it’s the best or the first in its industry. What you don’t know, however, is each of these labels has specific purposes designed to make you buy them.

Have you ever visited a grocery store where you bought something that isn’t on your list and one which you later found out you don’t need? Welcome to the world of marketing psychology where experts hired by companies conceptualize product labels that help shape your decision. According to Marketing Magazine, modern-day consumers find it difficult to resist the appeal of new products as showcased by various promotion labels.

The Initial Attack

Don’t worry, as this is not some conspiracy stuff straight out of some Jesse Ventura series. This is real science and it concerns with how you respond to certain stimuli. For instance, you like cats but you don’t have one at home. You passed by an attractive glossy sign with a photo of a super-adorable cat that seems to beckon you to feed it. Then you remembered that stray cat that sometimes wanders by your apartment, and so, you went straight ahead to the pet food area and bout some cat goodies.

Marketing experts explain that these gentle background influences play a huge role in how you come up with the decision on whether or not to buy the product. It’s important to know and understand how prime label printing can greatly help increase your sales.

The Silent Exchange

Have you heard of the phrase “one good turn deserves another?” This is how reciprocity marketing does it. You buy a certain product, you get a coupon. Buy two of those products and you get a free tumbler or something that you can use. Labels play a huge part in this type of marketing because the company needs to catch your attention so you can be presented with the extras you can have if you buy their products. It’s like a silent exchange where the product silently implores you to take it from the shelf and put it in your shopping cart.

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The Bait

This marketing practice can usually be seen in pricing models where the most expensive option is packaged in a way that your brain would tell you it’s the cheapest option. Imagine yourself looking for a brand new bed to match your mattress at home. You visited a local dealer where the attractive labels present the options as wood beds at $150, mattresses for $250, and wood beds with mattresses at $250. This is close to insane, right? Five will give you ten the preferred option would be the last one. But, if you remember, you only needed the bed and not the mattresses, so much so that if you take away the middle option, there’s a strong possibility that you would now change your preference.

Product labels are one of the oldest forms of marketing that have been used for generations to capture the imagination and interest of prospective customers, driving them to buy their products. By placing attractive product labels in strategic areas to advertise what you offer, your business will gain an increase in sales in no time.