The Top 5 Graphic Design Trends to Try This 2016

Graphic Design TrendsTrends, as they say, come and then go. They gain traction, some for a while, but some stay on for many years. These trends typically emerge from fashion catwalks and then eventually go on to influence other areas like graphic design, home design, illustration, and packaging. Spotting trends and using them in your work is necessary to keep your work current.

Here are top graphic design trends in 2016 that you should try.

  1. Playfully Bold Typography

The simple, yet overly popular trend that is flat design combined with novel tools such as Glyphs, which make font creation affordable and much easier, have paved the way for more creative typography — letter stacking, lively san-serifs, and in-your-face statements. Likewise, due to the emergence of higher resolution screens, you’ll see more handwritten fonts and the reappearance of the classic serif.

  1. Flat Design v.2.0

Put simply, flat design is described as colorful, but clean, with understated gradients, white space, and huge typography, and is heavily influenced by Swiss, Bauhaus, and minimalism. This year, flat design will be upgraded to v.2.0 since it will not only make waves in user interface design but illustration and surface pattern design as well.

  1. Freshly Retro

Think arcade games, 80s funk, and 90s pop. This trend is all about pixel art, bold colors, and playful geometric patterns and designs, adds Red Rider Creative, graphic designers in Utah.

  1. Whimsical at Heart

Think hand drawn images full of whimsy, but professionally done to look like kids’ doodles. Many illustrators will go on exploring more human-like brushstrokes and lines, combining various techniques and tools, as well as analog and digital elements. The result is a wider array of illustration use and styles such as isometric projections.

  1. Stillness in Motion

The perfect amalgamation of still and motion, illustrations and pictures become animated using cinemagraphs and 2D tools. Basically, you choose a still photo or illustration as your base and incorporate a moving image into the base image. It’s very similar to the popular GIFs, but with the addition of a still element.

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Now, all you have to do is think of how you can incorporate these graphic design trends to level up your game this year. However, don’t forget that simply adding a trendy element to your work won’t really help if your work is weakly designed in the first place, and if what you’re trying to communicate isn’t easily understood or conveyed, or worse, doesn’t even exist at all.