The Top Advantages of Trenchless Technologies

Workers cleaning sewer lineThe traditional way of replacing damaged sewer lines and drains costs a lot, not to mention the disruption it brings not just to a homeowner but also the neighborhood. The process might even include different government permits and traffic rerouting for the affected areas.

That's why for many homeowners in Salt Lake City, opting for a trenchless sewer replacement is a better option. All Hours Plumbing and Drain Cleaning lists the reasons you should make the switch too.


There's no need to dig to replace the old sewer lines and drains. Using state-of-the-art equipment, professional plumbers can now repair broken sewer pipes with a new pipe system using a more durable, stronger material that won’t be easily destroyed by corrosion, rust, or cracks.


With the new process of replacing damaged sewer lines and drains, some small projects can actually be completed with the laying of new pipes in as little as a few hours. Without the need for excavation, cleanup, and landscaping, the amount of time to spend replacing the old pipelines is said to have been reduced to 75%. What’s more, with fewer steps to do translates to a lower cost of labor, too.

Repair or Replacement

Two of the most common trenchless technologies being used are pipe bursting and slip lining. In replacing the sewer line, plumbers will use the pipe burst method where they will make holes both ends of the line. These holes will serve as the exit way to remove the old pipe and entry to place the new pipe. On the other hand, slip lining is the widely used method to repair leaks or restore structural stability of existing pipelines.

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Simply put, the trenchless technologies can do the same aspect as the traditional way of repairing or replacing damaged sewer lines and drains. The big difference is the cost you'll spend with the complete restoration work and the amount of time to complete the task.