The US Needs to Build More Charging Stations for Electric Vehicles

Charging modern electric cars on the street stationElectric car owners in Washington DC find it easier to look for a nearby charging station than any other part of the country, according to the Department of Energy.

According to, the capital has the most number of charging terminals for electric vehicles, with stations located at least 0.7 square miles per facility. On the contrary, Alaska has the fewest charging stations in the US with 95,107 square miles per station at the most.

More Stations

The stark contrast in the number of charging terminals across the US highlights the need to deploy more stations. More Americans have decided to drive these sustainable alternatives, which led automakers to release new models this year.

Car makers such as Tesla and General Motors plan to take advantage of growing demand for electric vehicles, including those that run on a lithium iron phosphate battery.

While the growth of car sales proved to be good business for them, it has cast a shadow on the need for efficient charging networks. Despite the problem of few power stations, car sales have been strong so far.

Electric Sales

Americans bought almost 200,000 electric cars in 2017, up significantly from more than 158,000 year over year. Tesla led the market as it sold a total of 27,060 vehicles, followed by Chevrolet’s more than 23,000 sales of Bolt EV.

If you plan to buy your first electric car this year, battery mileage should be one of your priorities. It, however, depends on where you plan to drive the car. Those who plan to drive short distances in DC will not likely have to worry about losing power in the middle of the road, as opposed to drivers in Alaska.

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Electric cars have been an eco-friendly substitute for gas-powered cars, but remember that these have some disadvantages.