Three Surprising Facts About Safety

Safety signThe modern world cannot be more obsessed with safety. On the one hand, there is protecting your cyberspace data from the peering eyes of the ever-curious public. On another, there are security cameras in your shared and private spaces. To add, there all sorts of labels and gadgets to ensure that you are safe and secure all the time.

It seems that you’ve got all bases covered regarding safety. According to, here are three safety facts that may surprise even the most cautious and prepared one out there.

Fires are deadliest

In the United States, fires kill more people than all natural disasters combined. They are highly widespread that they cut across geographic locations and affect people of all backgrounds. While fires are deadliest and most common, about 80 percent of Americans do not know that fires, especially house fires are the single most common disaster in the country.

Safety signs and symbol save lives

A recent study investigated the impact of safety signs and symbols that warn of danger in the workplace. This study revealed that the use of these signs could reduce accident rates by up to 80 percent. It is no wonder then that most of our work-spaces are teeming with product facility safety signs, labels, and markings. Those safety signs and symbols might just save you from a total disaster.

The youngest and the oldest are most vulnerable

Children younger than five and people beyond 65 are most likely to encounter accidents, especially accidents at home. Individuals who are more than 75 years old are especially vulnerable. The high rate of home accidents to these particular group is not surprising because most of them stay at home. Even with people taking care of them and the safety precautions present, accidents among these age groups are still the highest.

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Safety should be everyone’s priority. Even with the aid of technology, vigilance and carefulness matter most in ensuring your safety and the safety of those that matter most to you.