Top Dog Grooming Tips For Pet Owners

dog getting his nails trimmedGrooming your pet regularly is an important aspect of dog care. You must strive to incorporate it into the overall pet care routine. Assign various tasks, such as brushing, nail trimming and bathing to different days of the week. This makes it easier to stick to your dog grooming routine.

Here are some tips you should consider:

Bathing Tips

  • Consider the weather and your dog’s activities to determine how frequently you need to bathe him.
  • Apply dog shampoo. As a dog’s skin differs from human skin, a regular shampoo intended for human hair may cause irritation in your pet. As such, use a shampoo type or brand recommended for your dog.
  • Don’t spray directly on the nose, ears or eyes of your pet.
  • If your dog gets too excited in the midst of a bath, you can try to divert his attention using a bath toy. You can easily look for toys and other dog products online.

Brushing Tips

  • Check the brush for ticks regularly. You should look for bugs or black flecks.
  • Find out how frequently you should brush your dog. For dogs with short hair, weekly brushing may suffice. However, dogs will longer coats generally require daily brushing.
  • Use the appropriate brush for your dog. Apply a rubber brush on short coats followed by bristle brush and a polish with chamois cloth. For long coats, a slicker brush may be more appropriate for removing tangles followed by a bristly brush.
  • Brush the dog thoroughly and through to his tail and feet.

Grooming your dog is your responsibility as a pet owner. After all, you want your pet to stay clean, fragrant, and live longer. Follow these tips to achieve your goals.

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