Warehouse Efficiency: Improving Your Storage & Shelving Space

Warehouse StorageBusinesses that rely heavily on warehousing may often find themselves in trouble with having enough storage space for their supplies and goods. This is often the scenario, especially when customer demands spike up intensely. With this at hand, business owners face a critical task on finding ways to maximise their current space effectively.

Luckily, there are ways to achieve this goal. Most of these techniques allow efficiency in the workflow, as well as guarantee organisation of stocks that improves customer satisfaction and overall productivity. Here are some of them:

Evaluate Your Stock-Turn Rate

Stock-turn (stock turnover) is a term used to measure and determine the operational efficiency of the stocks or supplies. This can be further applied to the entire goods of a warehouse or to a single unit. Low turnover rate may mean poor return and overstocking, which is not a good indication of the business flow. To avoid possible losses in goods, it is necessary to analyse which products you need to restock often. This saves you a valuable amount of storage space that you may use later on.

Utilise Your Facility Properly

One of the keys in optimising the use of your warehouse is to understand the flow of your inventory, then organising them based on these. The facility’s day-to-day operation can affect the distribution and performance of your business. You should know that even from the start, it is always good to group them accordingly for tracking and monitoring purposes. Besides, it is easier to restock items when you arrange them by classes, sizes and types.

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Monitor Your Warehouse Activity

A well-organised storage space can influence the activities of your staff. Oftentimes, when these are disregarded, a particular area will become straight-out inefficient and a waste of effort. If you want to avoid these, you better communicate and coordinate directly with your team to understand what tools, systems and equipment are needed. It even helps to consult the experts when it comes to these things for insights.

Make an Investment to Shelving

The choices you make on your storage system can make a huge difference to your work environment. If you’re interested in optimising your storage area, shelvingshopgroup.co.nz says that it doesn’t hurt to know your options. Learn the pros and cons of each unit to find out which is the most suitable for your business. They are often classified into four different configurations, such as:

  • Drive-Through Racks
  • Flow Rack
  • Push-Back Racking System
  • Selective Pallet Racks

A close evaluation and reconfiguration on the flow of your warehouse can greatly influence the use of your facility, as well as the productivity of your business. In other words, careful planning and consideration are necessary to come up with the best storage solutions. That is if you want to use it for the growth and development of your company.