Waste Management: Our Business to the Environment

Different waste segregation binsEach of us is accountable for everything around us, regardless how big or small they are. Reports state that London has the highest incineration rate in the U.K. In relation to this story, the GLA Act requires Sadiq Khan, the mayor of London, to come up with a strategy for proper waste management.

The collection and disposal department and commercial waste industry will then implement this. Members of the private sector, such as plastic recycling companies, can help the government by providing solutions, such as lessening waste from metals, plastic, and PVC.

Some of us might not have given much thought to the benefits of waste management and why it is imperative to properly dispose of our rubbish. If you don’t already know them, here are the basic reasons proper waste disposal is necessary.

1. Lessens pollution

By using recovered materials, we produce lesser solid waste. There will also be fewer emissions of gases such as carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, and ozone, which significantly contribute to the problem of global warming.

Dirty surroundings cause diseases such as intestinal infection. Incineration, however, can cause chronic respiratory ailment.

2. Reduces costs

Using recycled materials instead of brand new ones on a large scale can significantly lower the cost and increase the profit of businesses.

3. Conserves natural resources

Lessening the need to acquire raw materials can help decrease deforestation. Similarly, extracting minerals and resources can be detrimental.

They say that the environment is not something we received from our ancestors, but it is something that we borrowed from the next generation. As responsible parents and environmentally conscious citizens, implementation of proper waste management is just like making this world a better place to live in.

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