Ways to Maintain the Cleanliness of Your Kitchen Cabinets

Luxurious kitchen designEveryone wants to keep their kitchen cabinets tidy. Kitchen cabinets are often installed in some of the messiest places, so moisture, food spills, and grease can easily damage them. However, these tips can help homeowners keep their kitchen cabinets shiny:


Laminating kitchen cabinets is the easiest way to keep their surfaces clean since they can’t absorb grease or dirt. You can use a cloth to apply a lubricant to your traditional cabinet handles once a week. Alternatively, use a damp microfibre cloth for deep-cleaning stained kitchen cabinets. Homeowners can use natural acids such as vinegar to remove food stuck on the surface of the cabinet.

Gentle Cleansers

Homeowners can use a gentle cleanser to wipe a painted kitchen cabinet. However, never use a harsh cleaner on a painted surface so that you don’t scratch the paint. Instead, use a few drops of soap and distilled vinegar to clean the surface of your kitchen cabinet. You can use a spray bottle to avoid splashing the mixture on unwanted areas.

Knobs and Pulls

Cleaning areas around the cabinet handles can be tricky, and dirt and oil from your hands can break down the finish on the wooden cabinet. However, the use of a damp microfibre cloth can prevent this from happening. You can remove the knobs and pulls at least twice a year so that you can clean the front of your kitchen cabinet thoroughly.

Kitchen cabinets are a worthy investment that everyone wants to keep in tip-top condition. Though this also depends on the quality of the kitchen cabinets, regular maintenance can keep your cabinets sparkling. Homeowners have to watch out for potential water damage and food stains to keep their kitchen cabinets shiny.