Website Design for Storytelling

Website Design in UtahStorytelling is a powerful way to communicate your message. It helps you connect with people, which is exactly what you need to make them respond with care. That is why even businesses use this strategy for a more personalized approach.


Often, businesses tie up with media outlets to create stories and present them in a relevant way. Editors and writers can weave words that promote a business without it sounding like a hard sell. Plus, media websites support a design for the long scroll which is necessary for storytelling.

But what if you want original stories posted on your business site too? Surely, there are techniques that website designers in Utah like can suggest for this need.

One is to create a new page with a layout that supports long entries. This can be changed through the website’s admin settings. However if a change is not supported by the site’s theme, it may need some tweaking in the site’s program. That can be complicated but a task that an expert in web design can definitely manage.

Website Breakpoints

An expert can also break the scroll into sections to make it follow the site’s multi-page look. One effective way to do that is to bring in animations. Animations enhance site visitors experience and engage them to interact as well.

Animations can either be large scale or small scale. The first needs user input as is the case with pop-up notifications while the former don’t and thus don’t have much impact on users.

Some animation techniques that can be used for a more effective and enjoyable storytelling experience are slideshows and galleries, motion animations and background animation. Scrolling animation, on the other hand, can provide an interesting summary of links to the site’s different break points.

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Appropriate photos can do wonders too when telling stories. There are even instances when photos would suffice to make a compelling story. Whether it is animation or static photos, you have to make visitors see a piece of themselves in it so it becomes their story.

Website interaction design may look like a part of its aesthetic aspect. But it is not as it is rather directed at user interaction for a more enjoyable, user-friendly and rewarding site visits.