What are the Best-Paying Jobs in New Zealand?

Job hunters waiting for their interviewThose who work in the information technology sector in New Zealand are some of the highest earners in the country, with information architects earning a median salary of up to $135,000 for 2017.

The salary figures are not that surprising, particularly in the context of a U.S. study that listed New Zealand as the 13th best place for immigrants. The study used employment as one basis for the country’s rank worldwide.

Salary Subject

People who work in data warehousing and business intelligence earn a median salary of $115,000, while cyberspace security specialists take home a median wage of $105,000. Job seekers have different options for acquiring employment in the country.

Recruitment agencies such as Quinn Recruitment, for instance, can improve your chances of finding work, whether it is a full-time or a contractual employment. On the other hand, retail and hospitality jobs ranked at the bottom end of the salary statistics.

Members of a kitchen staff earn a median wage $32,000. Retail assistants, housekeepers, bar employees and baristas make slightly higher at $33,000. While these figures may paint a general picture, work experience has a significant impact on each person’s salary.


If you plan to migrate to New Zealand, salaries depend on what job you have in the country. In general, a US News and World Report study found that the nation fared well in terms of economic stability, income equality and job markets for immigrants.

Sweden took the top spot, while Canada, Switzerland, Australia and Germany joined the top 10 countries. The list based its rankings on a survey of more than 21,000 respondents, as well as World Bank and the United Nations data on countries with migrant populations.

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New Zealand offers its residents with good job prospects depending on person’s field of expertise. For job hunters, how do you plan to land a well-paying job in the country?