What You Need to Know About Preparing Your Apartment for Renting

Apartment Rental in ChicagoAccording to the National Association of Realtors, the number of renters in expected to increase by 5-6 Million in 10 years’ time. With the current number of renters standing at 40 million, you can be sure to make a couple of dollars from your rental property. A lot of landlords know that you have to clean up, but what else needs to be done? This is where property management companies such as Realty & Mortgage in Chicago, IL come in.

An expert property manager is there to ensure that your apartment is not only aesthetically appealing to potential renters, but that it’s also financially profitable to you as an owner. Property management companies help you coordinate maintenance/repairs, screen and get good tenants, collect any fee and even show the property to prospective leases. In addition, they contract carpenters, painters, and cleaners on your behalf. Some of the ways a property management company in Chicago will help you prepare your rental property include:

Making sure that it’s clean

According to a rental agreement, previous tenants are always required to leave their houses clean, just as they found them. Property managers are responsible for inspecting the rented out units, hiring cleaning services and contracting painters to restore the units back to their original shape.

Inspecting all the utilities

A property manager and his staff will check to see if the water, HVAC, electricity and other house utilities are working. They also check the microwaves, refrigerators and stove to ensure that they are operating properly.

Paint your rental unit

A good coat of paint can make your apartment look new and appealing to renters. Your manager will hire an experienced and professional painter to paint your walls, doors, ceilings, and trim.

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Show property to prospective tenants

An experienced property management company will use Chicago MLS listings and realty sites to market your properties. Additionally, they also schedule viewing and screen potential leases.

If you’re looking to make your property stand out and attractive to prospective tenants, you need to contact a professional property manager in Chicago, who will guide you through what it takes. Furthermore, they are able to get you, tenants, as they aggressively market your rental property.