When You’ve Tried Courier Service You’ll Never Go Back to Snail Mail

Courier Service in OttawaPostal mistakes and long client waiting time can be frustrating when it comes to sending a parcel, but once you’ve tried courier service and experienced its seamless efficiency you’ll never want to send your packages by snail mail again.

There’s nothing more annoying than sending your client a package by postal service only to find that it has been lost in transit. Letters and parcels also go missing in the post or can be delivered to the wrong address by mistake (4.7% of post office mail in 2010). You can banish these problems and have peace of mind by using a courier service instead.

Superior Tracking

You’ll always get a tracking number when you use a courier service, included in the price of your service. The delivery driver who will be in charge of delivering your parcel will also have a GPS tracking device on his van so you or your client can check whereabouts of the parcel.

Next Day Delivery

You can opt for next day delivery if your parcel needs to be delivered quickly. This is better than the first class postal service that doesn’t guarantee the delivery day. A USPS first class delivery still takes an average of 2.1 days to arrive at the recipient’s address. A courier service can also deliver on Sundays, unlike the snail mail service.

Easy Online Booking Service

You won’t need to take time out to go to the post office, you can simply book a courier to collect your parcel from anywhere that is convenient to you at a time that suits you. If something needs to be returned, your client can return it to you just by calling the courier and asking them to collect it.

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Affordable Pricing

Courier service isn’t expensive and it could even save you money. If you have a time-sensitive document that needs to be delivered quickly, getting the Ottawa courier service will save you the time and money of having to drive to the destination yourself.

Friendly Team

Simply register an account or contact the friendly customer services team and begin using the courier service to see how fast and efficient it is. Once you’ve tried it, you won’t want to use the post office again.