Who Saves You: The Different Roles in an Ambulance Service

Back of an ambulanceThe Ambulance Service Team focuses on two functions in their career. The first is to arrive at the emergency scene as soon as possible and immediately administer first aid to the injured. With the siren speakers on, they would then need to transport the patient as fast as possible to the proper hospital for advanced care. The team itself consists of four major roles:


The paramedic is generally the first person to reach the emergency scene, by car, bicycle or motorbike. Once there, they maintain a calm demeanor to be able to assess the entire situation objectively and provide the patient with the needed treatment. They will also be in charge of taking care of them until the ambulance reaches the scene.

Senior paramedic

As you might guess, a senior paramedic is more experienced than the previous one because they have gone through further training. This allows them to make major judgment calls when it comes to providing advanced treatment to the patient.

Emergency care assistant

An emergency care assistant helps both the paramedic and the senior paramedic by helping them move the patient. They can also dress wounds, control bleeding and monitor vital signs, including breathing and blood pressure.

Emergency medical dispatcher

Emergency medical dispatchers are also referred to as call dispatchers. They are the ones who diligently work behind the scenes to guarantee that emergency calls are attended to immediately. They are the efficient, calm and reassuring voices who answer emergency calls and get details regarding the emergency and its location.

The primary roles above require these individuals to have a distinct set of skills that allows them to deal with emergency situations. They are equipped with extensive knowledge of life-saving methods, are quick thinkers, have great analytical skills and are good communicators. This combination of essential attributes allows them to save patients whenever they need them to.

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