Why More Americans Participate in Giving Tuesday

Charitable workAmericans have a greater sense of generosity as evidenced by their willingness to be charitable during Giving Tuesday, as 22% of people have donated more to charity in 2017 from the previous year, according to a report.

Bankrate.com’s report showed that money remained the most preferred method of donation, followed by clothes, food and volunteering time. In 2016, donations on Giving Tuesday alone amounted to $177 million.

Philanthropic Americans

The amount raised in last year’s Giving Tuesday helped the overall amount of donations for the entire year to reach $281.86 billion, according to Giving Institute’s Giving USA. While money is the most popular form of donation, what made Giving Tuesday more popular is an option for people to donate how they want to do so, said Henry Timms, co-creator of Giving Tuesday.

This time of the year served as the brainchild of the United Nations Foundation and the 92nd Street Y in New York. It started in 2012 as a way to offset the consumerism on Black Friday until Cyber Monday. Giving Tuesday may be over, but it only marks the start of philanthropic activities ahead of Christmas.

Donate and save

There are ways to donate yet save at the same time such as spending money on donations, instead of buying exchange presents. Another way to participate in the holiday spirit involves organizing fundraising events. Non-profit groups and churches typically hold musical productions on or before December 25, and these require careful planning.

For instance, an online church event registration ticketing system by companies like brushfire.com makes it easier for people to book seats. The holiday season can be a busy period for everyone, so you should take advantage of modern solutions to save time in organizing charitable activities.

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Money may be a convenient way to help the needy, but remember that time and effort can be just as meaningful to the less fortunate this holiday season.