Why Your Trade Show Booth Isn’t Getting Attention

Trade Show BoothsParticipating in trade shows can make or break your business. After all, it’s a chance to show different audiences what products and services you’ve got. If done correctly, you can go home with a number of leads and new customers. If you fail, on the other hand, you spent time, money, and effort on nothing. In fact, you could’ve spent more on reserving your business a booth and printing materials nobody wants to get.

Here are some things to keep in mind and avoid, so visitors won’t ignore your booth:

Your Booth Looks Boring

People are tired of seeing booths with only slideshows, video presentations, brochures and other materials. With their short attention spans, they wouldn’t want to read anything longer than three sentences. Plan before the show and don’t stop until you’ve come up with an ideal solution.

Set up games that are related to your brand to make people curious, such as trivia questions, counting and memory games, and freebie wheels. Go social by holding a hashtag contest. Let people visit your booth, take pictures, and upload them on social media. Announce the winner before the trade show ends, so they can pick up their prize on the same day.

Your Booth Doesn’t Show Identity

At trade shows, how will people know who is who? Your brand is associated with the colour blue, for instance, and so as your competitors. Stand out by making the people in charge of your booth wear the same thing, not only the same colour. Company shirts are okay, but won’t it be better if your staff members are wearing some sort of costume (and are happy while walking around with it)? Your booth has to spark interest or else they’ll go somewhere else.

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Get all the attention you need for your trade show booth by making it livelier while still showing your identity. There are many ways you can do this; all you need is to look for what best fits your brand.