Widgets and Plugins: 2 Simple Yet Useful Website Development Tools

Website Development in PerthWebsite design can make or break first impressions. It’s the online face of the company that visitors first see. How sites pull off an effective online presence is part of branding.

From website colour to font and images used, all these must be part of a whole marketing strategy. Even in clean and minimalist sites, the presence of these elements matter. It helps define the identity of the brand and build recall.

It’s a common example for Perth web developers, such as Voodoo Creative, to use a logo’s colour for the site’s theme. Hence, a company with a blue and white logo can use these pairs:

  • Blue tab and white text.
  • Blue footer background and white text.
  • Blue frame and white title text.


Tabs in a website are widgets or tools for creating special content outside posts and pages. In can be a welcome board, a recent post list, a search bar or subscription button.

WordPress is one free website builder that uses widgets for site development. As such, it has widgets ready for use. In this blog post, Mashable.com lists 50 widgets for extensive uses.


For further site development, extension features such as plugins become useful. Plugins extend websites through displays of linked buttons or images. Examples are social media icons, images or videos from other sites. For instance, an image widget plugin comes only with a widget for displaying images. A meta slider plugin, on the other hand, has new menus in addition to a widget for displaying sliders.

The sidebar is a common area for widget and plugins. The footer is also an option and the area below blog posts and pages. The choice of location for these tools depends on its purpose.

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Localised domain names such as .au for online sites in Melbourne is also a site development strategy. There are a lot more, and the key to the right choice is to ask if it is useful or not for the brand.