Your Website and Its Layout: The Key to First Impressions

The Key to Success on Website DesignsMany business owners, particularly those who run only small or start up organizations or establishments, typically rely on a limited budget. Because of this financial restriction, they often have to make sacrifices, and they usually place this compromise on their website. But what they do not know is the importance of an eye-catching website layout, which can make them have a longer list of paying customers.

The last thing you want to happen is to waste money on an asset that will not give you anything back in return, says a specialist from C1 Partners. So rather than become stingy on your site and do it on your own, hire a Denver web design expert instead.

Getting a long-lasting “wow” as a first impression from your visitors

In an interview with social psychologist Dr. Heidi Grant Halvorson, website Upworthy shares the importance of first impressions and the major roles they play.

Scientifically referred to as “primary effect,” it pertains to a person’s first idea about something, and it affects the brain in a way that this “hunch” latches on to it. As explained by the doctor, the brain does not like experiencing a feeling of uncertainness. This then leads to the brain placing the stress on early impressions.

How this “primary effect” impacts your website and your visitors

This applies to websites and not just people or objects. When people have a poor first impression of your website, it will make them uncertain of your business and lead to them having a long-lasting negative opinion about you. In other words, when you do not have a properly laid out, interesting, eye-catching, and factual content on your site, you will receive a bad impression.

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Remember: this can quickly spread, especially now that consumers have so many means to rant about a bad company – through social media and even word of mouth. So rather than put your business at risk, have someone specializing in web design create an excellent layout for you that will make visitors say “wow!”